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I'm proud of us  
11:02pm 04/11/2008
I really am.  I'm proud of us.  And I keep grinning.  Hee.  CNN has declared Barack Obama president elect.  And of course I listen to CNN.  That's just... I'm so proud.  and so happy.  There are a seriously huge number of people in Grant Park.  That's just cool.  Also, Virginia has gone Obama, which is awesome. 

This lady on CNN is mentioning the preamble, where we say we're here to form a more perfect union.  Which really I think is the essence of this, of the US, of what we do.  We try to be better than we were last year, 10 years ago, 100 years ago.  We won't ever get to perfect, there's no such thing, but we can keep trying, keep striving to form that more perfect union.  I mean, really, this is... so cool.  the CNN commentators are all emotional.  I'm kind of emotional, which is weird. 

Voted this morning (of course) and ended up in line for an hour and a half.  It was only an hour and a half because apparently there are very few people in my precinct who have last names starting between Q and Z.  So I basically got to jump the line.  Which was awkward, because I got glared at by significant numbers of people.

And now McCain is giving his concession speech.  Wow, they're booing when he says that he called Obama to concede.  This is a pretty good speech, actually.  I mean, for a concession speech, which has to just suck on a fundamental level. 

Going to wait for Obama's speech, then go to bed. 

Still, proud, happy, and thinking... this is pretty cool.
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09:36am 04/09/2008
So, my school is hosting the coolest event ever. five secretaries of state. one stage. christian amanpour is moderating, and i really like her. (including HENRY KISSINGER, who, y'know, i know more about than any rational person my age does, after years of research for various projects).

it's at the same time as one of my events. so first, this was not wise, because, uh, we're competing with the COOLEST EVENT EVER (or at least that my school's hosted since i've been here).

secondly... i can't go.  henry kissinger, madeline albright, and colin powell are going to be ON CAMPUS. at Lindner. and i CAN'T GO BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK. i hate my life right now. i was so pumped, i was totally going to go, kyle just came in to ask if i wanted to go stand in line with him to get tickets and I CAN"T GO. must speak to pubaff about recording?? if cnn is moderating, will it be on cnn or anything?? NOTE TO SELF, TALK TO M&K.

so bitter.

but hey, i start class tonight, so that's cool, events start up on monday, so it's been insane.  was sick over labor day, plus add in stupid metro stuff between reagan and braddock, so i stayed home and nursed my cold.

must work now! ja!
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i feel gross. after walking outside for 15 minutes. goddamn it anyway.  
09:29am 30/07/2008
Best description of neocon FP i've ever seen: Neoconservatism in foreign policy is best described as unilateral bellicosity cloaked in the utopian rhetoric of freedom and democracy.

Go TIME magazine! me, i don't believe in unilateral bellicosity or utopian rhetoric, so we see where i have a problem here, yah?

also, it is ridiculously hot and humid today. oh yeah, 82 degrees, 70% humidity.  it's going to be a disgusting day.

also, eureka last night.  was awesome.  henry with no hair was freaky.  still not sure how i feel about allison saying yes to stark... i think they're going to kill each other, but it'd probably be good for kevin to have two parents, and kevin is adorable so... yeah. poor carter.  the man has no luck. none whatsoever.

am looking forward to going home this weekend.  PETS I MISS YOU!! SAMTHECAT! BLUEY!

am considering noodle soup for lunch. though it would involve walking a ways. but noodle soup! but walking outside.  but noodle soup! thus: my dilemma.
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music: my air conditioner ::loves::
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there are explosions. oh yeah.  
08:21pm 27/07/2008

watching the old shark week special for mythbusters... there's a new one that i don't think i've seen coming up next.  i'm pumped.

also, EUREKA! tuesday!! so so excited!!!
location: futon
mood: excitedexcited
music: shark week mythbusters
tags: tigers
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love friday night tv. love.  
09:14pm 25/07/2008
so i keep being leery about watching doctor who, because bad things are coming, and people are going to die, and if they actually let everyone die, i'm going to be SO MAD.  i hate it when people kill my favorite characters, and this is one of those shows, where i love everyone so much, there's not just one person that they can't kill.  they can't kill ANYONE, or i'll be bitter. well, they can kill the daleks.  we need another deus ex tardis.

And also! New icon!! because i miss eureka and am excited, and nathan stark has a gorgeous, gorgeous smile. yum. 
location: futon
mood: satisfiedsatisfied
music: psych
tags: tigers
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huh. it's july. when did that happen??  
09:03pm 14/07/2008
so it's been an eventful week. first, on tuesday, i had to spend a FREAKISHLY HIGH amount of money to ship a package really really quickly to korea.  it got there,  but i think i made us poor.  nyar.  extremely frustrating, since it was a mistake from the shipping company that screwed me over and forced me to use the expensive service.  i'm complaining.  it'll be fun.  then, i find out my boss's mom died, and she's staying there another week. then, i come home on wednesday, and my power cord for my computer no longer works.  which freaked me out.  because i adore my computer.  and i worried that this time, a new power cord wouldn't cut it.  but sure enough, it worked, after i hung around the mac store for a while.  it was very shiny :-).  so i finish the week out, and yesterday, on my way home from downtown, i saw a woman kind of... lying on the hill next to our parking lot, like she'd sat down and then laid back... and she wasn't moving.  ended up a lady in the building next door came out to check on her and called 911 and we hung out until the fire truck (plus EMTs) and the cops showed up.  so, so strange. 

now i'm mostly just in the phase of being weirded out by how fast the summer is going.  COME BACK SUMMER!!!

also, cleaning out my office at work.  it's going to take a while.  seriously.  i was going through my first drawer today, and came across a folder of maps.  from, like, at least 5 years ago.  and menus from 5-10 years ago, half of which are for things that are out of business now.  my predecessor was an odd duck. 

also.  new icons.  mmm, iron man.  also, am hunting eureka icons.  and maybe a burn notice one.  and i need a new peter one, where he's got the short hair.  like the short hair much better. 
location: futon
mood: contentcontent
music: intervention
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and here i thought i WASN"T moving to a monsoon climate this summer  
03:23pm 31/05/2008
it. is. POURING.  I got soaked shuffling the 50 feet from the grocery store portico to roomie's car.  SOAKED.  and that was just hte first grocery store.  I make it into the second, and i'm even more soaked, so i'm standing in the meat isle shivering (the kindly guy working there is like "do you need any help?" i say, "i need a jacket and a blow-dryer, but i don't think you can help me with that" and he laughed.) so. wet.  anyway, i have high hopes that by the time i get done, maybe it'll have stopped pouring, slackened off, something.  no such luck.  it's still pouring, omg so much, when i get out of safeway.  so i take my (wonderful resusable) grocery bags and i haul ass.  and get wet.  again.  fortunately, i found a parking spot right at the back of our builidng, so i climb the four flights of stairs with my three huge bags of groceries and one random gallon of milk.  i left the paper towels in the car.  I'll get them when i go to move the car... some  time when it stops raining quite so much.  then it's thundering and lightining and the power just went BWIP.  YIKES!! i'm gonna post this before the power goes out! wish me luck!!
location: ONTOP A RIVER
mood: soaked
music: THE RAIN
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freaking stimulus package. cheapskates.  
07:41pm 10/05/2008
so, i got my note about the stimulus package.  i only get 300 bucks.  i was totally expecting 600.  I'm bitter!! apparently, if your net income tax liability in 2007 is lower than 600 bucks, you only get the amount of your net income tax liability.  so apparently i make so little, i don't warrant 600 bucks from the government.  that seems...... bizarre to me.  counter-intuitive.  stupid, almost.  but seriously, what else was i expecting?

also, got a new book today... because i'm a masochist, i got the robert draper book on bush, dead certain.  so far (25 pages in) it's interesting.  in the prologue he quotes bush as saying "when you're responsible for putting a kid in harm's way, you better understand that if that kid thinks you're making a decision based on polls---or something other than what you think is right, or wrong, based on principles--then you're letting that kid down."  i... fundamentally disagree.  i think you owe it to the kid to be making the decision based on what's right for the country.  this is what bothers me most about bush, where i think we got into trouble there, what i think draper and the other books i've read about his presidency really show: taht bush makes decisions based on a moral calculus.  and i fundamentally believe that you shouldn't, if you're the president.  the president's first priority should always be the benefit of the nation.  his or her first criteria of decision-making should always, always be, is this good for the country?  or bad?  if it's good, figure out a way to do it.  i don't think this means it's a bad idea to go out and do good deeds, to do things we believe are right, but it means i think we should only go out and do things we think are right if they're also in our interests.  so bush may argue that it was a good deed to go out and spread freedom and democracy (or attempt to) in the world... but, and this i truly believe, he didn't think about it in terms of whether it was good for the us.  he had a  moral agenda.  he's pursued it.  i want a president who has a more rational agenda.  who can both promote the interest of the country, at home, and abroad in a way that isn't incredibly damaging.  man, i hope that makes sense. 

in other news, the semester is officially over!  i only have a few events on the schedule in the next two months, which i'm thrilled about.  graduation is next weekend, parentals in on thursday night, my school graduation is friday, then university grad is on sunday.  weekend after that, is my cousin's wedding!  before that, however, i start my new class.  i'm both glad and disappointed... i already own one of the books.  on one hand, i'm pumped, because it means i'll learn new stuff, read new authors, always good.  on the other... it's cheaper if i own more than one already :-P but yeah, gotta buy books this week! 

am working on rewatching the first season of psych via netflix... i seriously love love love that show.  so awesome.  ::hugs::
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mood: happyhappy
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CAKE OR DEATH?? death... no, CAKE!  
08:58pm 21/04/2008
ok, so i watched eddie izzard last night.  and finally learned the meaning of "cake or death!" as well as "thank you for flying church of england".  also... i learned what an executive transvestite was.  and he said that the american dream was to rise up from the gutters, make a ton of money, then stick it in your ears and go "BPPPPT" with it.  sticking it in your ears.  but that the eu has no european dream.  he thinks it should involve a moped.  yup.  the european dream is... a moped.  somehow, that works for me.

did gender analysis tonight in chinese history, and it was really really interesting.  prof made an excellent point, which is right now, china's going to have a huge problem when they've got something like 50 million bachelors with no hope of getting married, and no hope of achieving what's defined as success in China... a wife and a son.  which would leave china with a lot of angry young men with no hope.  and if there's one thing i firmly believe, it's that angry young men with no hope is a recipe for disaster.  if China's economy starts to go down, if they don't have enough jobs.... there's ogoing to be angry young unemployed men with no hope.  and then they really will have a recipe for revolution.  or terrorism. 

location: futon
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music: dirty jobs
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mmmm thunder  
09:10am 20/04/2008
jintian de tianqi bu hao... xia yu!  wo hen gaoxing wo you hen hao de yusan.  keshi wo de yusan you xiao de wenti, suoyi wo dei xiang mai xin de.  wo xihuan xia yu.... tebie yin wei xianzai women you kongtiao. 

it's raining!  i'm so glad i remembered to bring my umbrella home from the office.  but... i should probably think about getting a new one, as one side of the umbrella has pulled off (one prong has come undone from the cloth) so it's a little wonky.  but it's such a nice umbrella. 
mood: tiredtired
music: the rain! the thunder!
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